Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer


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  • Isabella Renzi
    Isabella Renzi  2 minutes back

    "You got fat"..... Lmao. That's totally my mom telling my dad that. 😂💕

    • kawadu kayadinge
      kawadu kayadinge  3 minutes back

      Tony (Robert) STARX fans hope our GOLD will come in this move
      TONY fans LIKE HERE

      • John Johnson
        John Johnson  3 minutes back

        This trailer is so cringy.

        • DayParts br
          DayParts br  3 minutes back

          0:00 Budapest wow! Cheapest country to make a movie! But i am eager to watch this movie!

          • วรัญญารักษ์ แซ่ว่าง


            • Show Down
              Show Down  3 minutes back

              take my money please thank you

              • Ian Rosado
                Ian Rosado  5 minutes back

                Is that the guy from stranger things?

                • Xrey274
                  Xrey274  5 minutes back

                  This actually looks pretty cool.

                  • samuka
                    samuka  6 minutes back

                    Nem parece um filme da marvel muito foda!!!

                    • Suzzane Coleridge
                      Suzzane Coleridge  6 minutes back

                      I don't know about endgame just please get this woman back alive

                      • Michelle Belikehim
                        Michelle Belikehim  7 minutes back

                        We're a long way from Budapest!

                        • John Rivas
                          John Rivas  8 minutes back

                          Oh...i like!! ❤❤

                          • Suzzane Coleridge
                            Suzzane Coleridge  9 minutes back

                            This is so good omfg.

                            • Kiruba Edward Styles
                              Kiruba Edward Styles  12 minutes back

                              I'm not a Marvel fan . But after seeing this powerful teaser , I just wanna go see this movie !!! The love those sound effects so much , powerful !

                              • Tory Sama
                                Tory Sama  12 minutes back

                                Marvel, kills off a popular character.
                                Makes a movie completely unrelated about her.

                                • kachana arunkumar reddy
                                  kachana arunkumar reddy  12 minutes back

                                  Where is stark......

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                                    • Rocam Rax
                                      Rocam Rax  14 minutes back

                                      She looks like a stormtrooper at 1:22

                                      • Rosrychaplet
                                        Rosrychaplet  14 minutes back

                                        Can't wait to see 👀 it.

                                        • Xeo Cross
                                          Xeo Cross  15 minutes back

                                          Is the timeline of this movie before endgame?

                                          • Giuliana
                                            Giuliana  16 minutes back


                                            • Iris Joves
                                              Iris Joves  17 minutes back

                                              Can't decide whether Scarlett just looks young or Florence just looks older than her age.

                                              • RoninAli1
                                                RoninAli1  18 minutes back

                                                Key question: “What brings you home”? Yeah, because she was supposed to have died.

                                                • Spaztic Thoughts
                                                  Spaztic Thoughts  18 minutes back

                                                  I was kind of hoping for a Cold War spy thriller set in the MCU, but this still looks good.

                                                  • GamerX21 .Elizondo
                                                    GamerX21 .Elizondo  22 minutes back

                                                    I hope that they don’t kill task master so he can appear in later movies

                                                    • Shiva karthik Chidaraboyana
                                                      Shiva karthik Chidaraboyana  22 minutes back

                                                      What if Iron Man lift mjolnir

                                                      • Tecelyn Carumba
                                                        Tecelyn Carumba  23 minutes back

                                                        If black widow is back,maybe there's a chance that tony is back

                                                        • Kali Mo
                                                          Kali Mo  26 minutes back

                                                          Marvel likes jew actors. They don't give a non-jew a role. There are much better actors than these always jews

                                                          • Ryan Sam
                                                            Ryan Sam  26 minutes back

                                                            Literally can’t wait!!

                                                            • IsaiahGames
                                                              IsaiahGames  28 minutes back

                                                              😱 my goddess

                                                              • Brittany Williams
                                                                Brittany Williams  29 minutes back

                                                                black widow is dead! why would you make a movie of her

                                                                • EZ435
                                                                  EZ435  31 minutes back

                                                                  I don't get it. If black widow lose her Russian accent because of the organization she came from, why aren't the rest of the crew did the same? Doesn't make it anymore authentic. Seems like the studios trying to make a point that immigrant aren't adaptable to American way of life and they could be identified by the accent.

                                                                  • Sajid Hussain
                                                                    Sajid Hussain  33 minutes back

                                                                    She looks battered now to be honest

                                                                    • Accidently on Purpose
                                                                      Accidently on Purpose  33 minutes back

                                                                      Little late for this movie isn't it??

                                                                      • ItsK&C's
                                                                        ItsK&C's  37 minutes back

                                                                        But she is dead no point of watching this movie

                                                                        • Jorge Escobar
                                                                          Jorge Escobar  40 minutes back


                                                                          • Bob Dole
                                                                            Bob Dole  41 minutes back

                                                                            That was a whole lot of cliched lines in a short amount of time. Hopefully that's all of them from the movie and the rest of the writing is the good stuff.

                                                                            Because that's how it always is, right? They send the hackneyed writing for the trailers and keep the good stuff for the theatrical release?

                                                                            • Minwoo '-'
                                                                              Minwoo '-'  41 minutes back

                                                                              Looks like we found out where Hopper was after the Stranger Things events.

                                                                              • Pradeep Jangir
                                                                                Pradeep Jangir  42 minutes back

                                                                                Baapu re.... M to sis... Pr chakrr kha gya idhr to puri family h😂😂😂

                                                                                Mst re baba mstttt😍

                                                                                • World Famous Footballers
                                                                                  World Famous Footballers  42 minutes back

                                                                                  Captain america fans like here

                                                                                  • ranjan bikas
                                                                                    ranjan bikas  42 minutes back

                                                                                    Just imagine if scarlet had same charm as iron man 2 that smoking red hot look missing the old NAT...

                                                                                    • Brittany
                                                                                      Brittany  43 minutes back

                                                                                      No Jim !!!!

                                                                                      • Battlefront Productions
                                                                                        Battlefront Productions  44 minutes back

                                                                                        This looks horrible. It's bad enough that Black Widow isn't a very interesting character to begin with, but this looks terrible and generic. Did I also just see Hawkeye in a Power Rangers suit? The MCU died after Endgame.

                                                                                        • Visam Sam
                                                                                          Visam Sam  44 minutes back

                                                                                          Waiting for this bomb.. 😎

                                                                                          • SailorCosmicElement
                                                                                            SailorCosmicElement  45 minutes back

                                                                                            At least we all know now that Hopper isn’t dead! XD

                                                                                            • Tate The Viking
                                                                                              Tate The Viking  46 minutes back

                                                                                              Yo why the Ben 10 logo ref now

                                                                                              • Tu Chenz
                                                                                                Tu Chenz  51 minutes back

                                                                                                sponsored by bmw i see

                                                                                                • Alex Meln
                                                                                                  Alex Meln  52 minutes back

                                                                                                  Such a great movie. They just don't do it like this anymore.